Is your business in trouble and you don’t know why?
Are you
blaming the economy, but deep down you know it is more than that?
Let me help you.

My name is Paris V. Street.  I am a Business Professional with a Masters degree in business,
(4.0 GPA click here to view transcripts) and 25 years management experience (click here to view resume). 
I retired from my corporate position in 2007 to start my business management consulting business.
I am offering  a FREE one half-hour telephone consultation. Please contact me
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Why should you do this?

Getting professional help may save you from many problems and get desired results for your business

I am “Goal Oriented” and “Results Driven”. With this drive I will create solutions for your business issues that will work.

I offer a  FREE half-hour consultation by telephone. This will give you an opportunity to discuss some of the basic issues with your business.  I am investing this half-hour in your business for FREE because I know that most people after talking with me will want more of my time. That is when I get paid (see fee schedule). At any rate, by the end of this half-hour you will have an understanding of some of your business issues and a direction as to where you need to go. You will know if further assistance from me or my teams is something you want or find necessary. 

To find out a little more about my methods and approach, please see my free web training on another topic relating to growing Intrinsic Motivation.
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As you can see, I know my stuff.

I am available for consultation, seminars and workshops!

My associates and I provide the following:

1. business consulting, (research, planning and training)

2. management consulting, (building & keeping successful work teams)

marketing consulting, (appropriate spend worthy projects)

4. sales consulting, (training of proper sales techniques that work every time)

One example of our work is to produce permanent 100% productivity in your work force. I know that sounds unrealistic to you, but, not only is it possible, it is just a matter of changing a few simple business practices. 

You will be provided with sound business advice based on extensive real world business experience and knowledge.

We will work together to find new creative ways to market your business products and services.  Keep your business ahead of the pack will help your bottom line.

You will be provided with sound business advice based on extensive real world business experience and knowledge.

We will find new creative ways to market your business products and services.  Keep your business ahead of the pack will help your bottom line. When dealing with you, you will find that if I do not have the answer I know someone who does in my vast network of business relationships.

You should run your company.
It should not run you.
We can fix this.
Paris Street Consulting shows business owners how to:

    * boost productivity
    * reduce waste
    * increase profitability.

We specialize in helping owners fix the business operations of their companies.  We have the expertise to make any business successful.

We work with the following types of businesses…
    * Construction                          * Professional Services
    * Dealerships                            * Retailing
    * Health Care Operations         * Trucking and Transportation
    * Manufacturing                        * Wholesale and Distribution

Business Success

Paris Street business coaches do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Every recommendation we make is tailor made to fit your business.
Once we have designed improvements, business owners can continue utilizing and changing using the new process improvements and criteria as a foundation for growth.
Objectivity is our main ally as we analyze a business, develop, and establish programs that allow the business owner to gain control of costs and greatly improve bottom-line profits for years to come.

Our training programs for Management skills, Sales, Marketing, and a veriety of others are focused on the real world not some kind of text book montage written by people who have never been outside of a classroom.

Our seminars hit at the core of what is happening in your company. This of course will not be known until after a complete evaluation at your headquarters is completed.

We focus on solid training based on proven methods.

I can provide intuitive business start-up advice and small business advice as well as complicated business strategies, changes and alignment for large and multinational businesses.

Strategic management consulting, human resources consulting, international business consulting, change management consulting, marketing consulting and project management consulting are just a few of the fields of consulting services I provide.

Consulting Services and business consultancy is my business; I want to be your management consultant, marketing consultant and business consultant.  My success is on loan for you to create your success.

Research - Let me provide qualitative and quantitative research to help you find the proper solutions for your business.

Planning - Let me provide business planning in all areas of business to help assure your business success. I create simple business plans as well as complex global change and growth strategies. I have access to teams of professionals that can implement your business strategies in the most effective manner.

Training And Seminars - Let me provide training in all aspects of business. I have the largest selection of the most comprehensive business seminars available.

Sales training and sales management training to increase your sales.

Customer service training and customer loyalty training to assist in customer retention. Total Quality Management for your business is a phone call away.

Leadership development, management development, team development, professional development and employee training can provide effective leadership, greater efficiency and stifle your competition. We provide management training, executive coaching and leadership training to increase your leadership and management skills, and those of the key employees.

Continuous training and development of your management and employees will increase your chances of profitability and growth. Human resource development and employee development can actually save your business money.

Once auction is complete you will be notified and we will schedule your consultation.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you and best regards,

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